Hello! I'm Milena Rampoldi

I was born in Bolzano, a small town in Northern Italy, in 1973. I come from a bicultural and bilingual family where from childhood I have understood the importance of multilingualism, multiculturalism, music, art, and cultural exchange and dialogue. 

Fields of expertise


We live in an interconnected and global world of merging markets.

Editing & Proofreading

A second important aspect of my commitent to words and dialogue is editing and proofreading


Location” is a well-known mantra in the property sector.And I think they have a point.


In this process of converting audio to text, I ensure high levels of quality, often-times transcribing before we tackle translations.

Language Courses

I work in association with ProMosaik to offer a huge range of services, like Language Courses. Since its foundation.


I address all author, who have written books, articles or others or who are about to finalise their work and are now looking for possibilities to have their work published. 

My Publications

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Books I Wrote

Books I Translated

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Books I Published

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