Terminology of the financial sector. Translations of financial documents must meet the highest possible standard. ProMosaik Denmark has created a professional team that ensures your documents are translated according to applicable requirements.

A certified translation is a judicial translation of an official document. Certified translators have taken an oath in court. This means that only these translators are able to conduct a certified translation where they add their own stamp and signature to the translation.

ProMosaik Denmark can also help you with medical translations. As in all other areas of translation, when it comes to medical texts, our translators are selected based on their medical experience and background.

ProMosaik Denmark has extensive experience of translating technical texts. It is essential to have expertise of this type of translation. Incorrect terminology can have major consequences for the understanding of the subject matter/text.

Legal translations cover a wide field that comprises everything from business law, case handling, contracts, assurance and much more.